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Why you want to work with me as your coach

"Every day, we work with Leaders in businesses and organisations to help them build exceptional skills, both personally and professionally, opening the doors to positively influence change in their careers and lives, and of all those around them."
Karen Davey
Founding Director - KDLCoaching

Your success is our success. At KDLCoaching we thrive in working with people who are ready to excel and fall in love with their business, career and life!

Using a range of specialised coaching, mindset and behavioural modalities, together we will work collaboratively to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth, implementing success-driven strategies to achieve your goals. With an absolute value on authenticity and a genuine commitment to success, we will work with you to drive and support you in your goals, while integrating and aligning your values and vision.

Our work practice is non-judgemental and 100% confidential.


Excel in Your Leadership Career

We help leaders in businesses and organisations who are vulnerable to burnout, feeling frustrated and overworked, to gain clarity and strength in confidence, both personally and professionally, so they can excel in careers that bring them joy and enable them to influence positive change by inspiring and motivating people in their teams. With an exciting and powerful combination of leadership skills development and personal growth, professional leadership coaching has the power to take your career to a whole new level. We invite you to book a strategy call to discover how Professional Leadership Coaching can help you thrive in your career and life.

Professional Life Coaching

For professionals who are feeling stuck and feel like there is "more" out there. Being a leader is rewarding, but for many professionals who work closely with others, it can often lead to feeling drained, exhausted and feeling lost around their own life values and direction in their lives. As you personal life coach, utilising many amazing coaching modalities, together we will take a fascinating journey into your inner world and discover the keys to becoming all you can be, in ALL areas of your life. We invite you to book a strategy call to find out more about our personal breakthrough coaching programs that will far surpass anything you can imagine.

Businesses And Organisations

We aim to create workplace cultures where your people thrive in harmony, efficiency and productivity, and where every person feels valued and proud. Healthy businesses are the life-lines of healthy economies and the people who work on and in the business/organisation are the heartbeat. We work with you and your teams to ensure your business and organisation operates to it’s optimum and one that people are proud to be associated with. We invite you to book a strategy call to find out more about our high performing, inspirational programs to help your people and your business thrive.

Our Mission

At KDLCoaching, we are dedicated to providing high quality coaching, training and consulting to business owners, professionals in companies and organisations, and individuals who seek authentic, high performance development with skills that will up-level their success. Using our portfolio of programs and modalities to differentiate our content and services, we seek to develop innovative, inspired, profitable businesses, companies and organisations and empower individuals to step into their power with confidence.

"I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process to draw out the skills or talent that was previously hidden within an individual, and which invariably finds a way to solve a problem previously thought unsolvable."
harley davidson, badge, motorcycle
John Russell
Managing Director, Harley -Davidson Europe Ltd

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Karen Davey is a high achiever, who is passionate about working with people to help them realise and achieve their dreams and goals, both at a Life and Leadership level. Her ability to engage and work with people in supporting and motivating them to achieve success, led to many awards over the years in her role as a Sales and Business Manager, Trainer and Master Coach. Karen’s achievements led to many speaking opportunities, including an invitation by Avon Asia Pacific to be the motivational guest speaker on ‘Excellence in Leadership in Action’ at the Corporate gala event of excellent achievers for Management in Honolulu, Hawaii, where she received a standing ovation.

She is a highly skilled Business & Leadership, Mindset Strategist and Performance Coach, Level 2 EDISC Behavioural Consultant and Hypnotherapist, with over 20 years ‘real’ experience working as a successful Business owner, Master Coach, Trainer, Teacher, award winning Business & Sales Manager, Event Host, Presenter and Speaker.

Karen Davey is a qualified Dip. Life & Leadership Coach (TLCC & ICF accredited), Certified Master Coach, Certified Multiple Brain Integration Techniques Coach, Extended DISC Level 2 Accredited Consultant, Certified Master Practitioner Conscious Hypnosis, Certified Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming. Accredited Emotionally Intelligent Teams Trainer, Parent Coach, Business Owner, High Performing Business & Sales Manager with a track record of success.

Client Testmonials

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Karen as both a Business and Life Coach. Karen is a highly skilled professional and has a positive energy that is uplifting and inspiring. Her direct, but warm and personable nature enabled me to explore and challenge myself using various coaching tools and methodologies. This has helped me immensely to push past limiting boundaries and motivated me to take decisive actions when working on my business, implementing results-driven strategies and the mindset to achieve my business goals. I have no hesitation in recommending Karen to anyone needing support and who are serious about their business success and/or life journey. Thank you Karen.
Janine Milner
CEO Janine Milner Executive Coaching
“I 6X’d my sales” - . I thoroughly recommend Karen to anyone who is wanting to aim high, excel in leadership and business, and grow personally in the process. I had the good fortune of working with Karen, as my Business and Sales Manager and Master Coach. Although my business was going well, I felt there was more untapped opportunity there for me. Karen worked with me, and together we dug down to the heart of my business, identifying areas for improvement and new opportunities. We set business goals and created plans that were real, engaging and purposeful. We identified both personal and professional areas for improvement and growth, installing in the process, a belief in myself and re-igniting my passion for my business, inspiring me to be even more determined than ever to increase my sales and elevate my performance to greater heights. My goals to achieve the #1 position in sales and reach the top 40 in Aus/NZ were realised, enabling me to provide a better lifestyle, including overseas travel, for myself and my family. My sales increase of almost 6X’s my previous sales exceeded my original expectations. The leadership skills I developed, enabled me to recruit and grow my team of very successful sales reps. Thank you Karen.
Sue Volpe
Leadership & Sales Representative
What a treat! Thank you for spending your time teaching me all about eDISC. So interesting! I will definitely read up and work on the post training bonus support material provided and put it into practice. I see this would be valuable for dental student to be taught this so they can better relate to their support staff and patients. Wish I knew about this much earlier. Never too late though. Once again, thank you Karen.
Dr. Estie Bav
Princess Street Dental Group and author of Growing Beautiful Teeth
I have worked closely with Karen in her role as a Master Coach. The results she achieves is an inspiration and testimony to her genuine love and commitment to coaching each individual she is working with. Karen is a highly skilled, motivating and encouraging coach, enabling each person she works with to recognise obstacles and overcome challenges to ensure they are in a great position as they move forward to achieve both their personal and professional goals. I cannot recommend Karen highly enough for anyone wishing to achieve more in their personal and/or professional lives. Thank you, Karen
Silvia Larossa
Customer Relationship Officer, Bendigo Bank